Sofia. It has been 14 years since the beginning of the new century. At 38, Vasil is married with one child, lacks a permanent job and regular income, and dreams of writing a book about his turbulent, albeit grim, adolescence. He came into adulthood in the 90s, and his adolescence coincided with that of Bulgaria’s democracy — a historical and personal era that issued a challenge to define the meaning of freedom. Vasil’s life, as well as that of his friends, is marked by dramatic changes, a moveable feast, heroin, and unborn children. This is a film about the coming of age (or not?) of one person, set on the backdrop of the transition from the totalitarian communist regime into democracy in Bulgaria. It’s a story about one man’s destiny, which hinges on his personal growth.

Director: Svetoslav Draganov

Producer: Katya Trichkova

Country: Bulgaria

Production: Cineaste Maudit Production

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