Alma leads a double life, as the daughter of the richest family in Israel, and as “Dafna” - a modest, idealistic woman who volunteers in a soup kitchen in southern Tel Aviv. This meeting of extremes, of wealth and poverty, leads Alma to donate her money to every needy person she meets, and to use her wealth to actively solve all of Israeli society’s ills. This Quixotic decision will challenge the world order and bring about Alma’s rebirth.

Director: Tom Shoval

Producer: Gal Greenspan, Sol Bondy

Country: Israel/Germany

Production: Green Productions, One Two Films

Отказване от отговорност: Цялата отговорност е на авторите и Европейската аудио-визуална и изпълнителна агенция и Комисията на европейските общности не носят отговорност за каквато и да е употреба на включената в това издание информация.
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