AUDIENCE AWARD "SILVER SEA-GULL"/diploma & statuette/ goes to "The Cut" by Fatih Akin

BURGAS MUNICIPALITY AWARD 'SILVER SEA-GULL'/diploma & statuette/ goes to 

THE SALT OF THE EARTH by Wim Wenders and Juliano Ribeiro Salgado

The jury valued "the directors consern about the path humanity has taken and the hope for salvation". 


from the Jameson competition goes to "Plamen" by Andre Andreev

At an unannounced meeting the jury of the 13th International Sofia Film Festival At The Coast, in the absence of its chairman Georgi Djulgerov, decided to honour him with the honorary award "Silver Seagull" for his lifetime contribution to Bulgarian and World cinema, as well as for his last film "Buffer Zone" which received the spectators' plaudits and was highly prized by film critics.

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